Top 10 Best Dish Drying Rack Reviews – Buying Guide for 2017

Most of us hate to do the dishes, but we still have to do it. However, we can make this mundane task a bit easier and at list a little bit interesting by getting a quality dish rack.

You might think that a dish rack isn’t that important, but that’s not true at all. If you want to efficiently do anything in your kitchen, you definitely need to invest your time and money in finding the best dish drying rack for your needs.

With an array of dish racks out there (whether it be plastic, chrome, or stainless steel) choosing a good one is certainly not an easy task (otherwise you would already have one of these at your home).

Having a quality dish drying rack means it will keep your dishes organized so that your kitchen looks neat, it will let the water drain out and can even make your kitchen look better. That’s why we bring you a full buyers’ guide and our top picks. Here you’ll find an ideal dish drying rack for your kitchen, so keep reading.

How to choose the best Dish Drying Rack?


Naturally, material is the first thing when it comes to choosing the perfect dish rack for your kitchen. If it is plastic, make sure that you choose a sturdy dish rack. The plastic one usually comes in a plethora of colors to choose from thus is a great choice for those who want everything in their kitchen to be perfectly matched.

If a dish rack is made of chrome or stainless steel, you want it to have a protective coating to help keep your dish in a perfect condition (the coating prevents scratching). Also, you definitely want to get a drainer that won’t rust.


Of course, a dish rack also needs to be cleaned, once a week or so, and obviously, you want to get the one that is easy to clean. This will depend on the design of the dish rack, and also on the (if any) removable parts (some models offer the possibility to remove the utensil and plate holder). Another thing that contributes to keeping the dish rack clean is antimicrobial coating that will prevent bacteria growth and odor.

Does it come with rubber feet?

Besides keeping your dishes organized, a dish rack should also keep cookware and utensils safe and stable. Which is why you have to look for a dish rack that features rubber feet. Thanks to this handy feature, you won’t have to worry about your dish rack slipping and the dishes getting damaged.

Can you move it?

Another thing you want to consider is the weight of a drainer. If you have limited countertop space, and always have to move a drainer when making food, you’ll want a lightweight and easy-to-move drying rack (some models consist of two or more pieces, so that you can easily set them apart when moving).


The next thing to consider is capacity. Do you want a dish rack with a large capacity or a smaller dish rack would be fine? This is a matter of preference, so it’s up to you to decide which one would suit your kitchen better.


As far as the design is concerned, there are in-sink, over sink dish racks and those that come with a drainer board.

An in-sink dish rack is a good option if you have a small kitchen and have to intelligently use every inch of it. Even though this model doesn’t look like anything special, it will still serve its intended purpose nicely.

An over sink model also works great as a space saver. These models are usually made of stainless steel so you can clean them in the dishwasher, which means no odor and bacteria growth.

The third type is a good option if you want a dish rack that will add a nice touch to your kitchen and if you don’t have to worry whether it will take up a lot of space on the counter. There are even wooden dish racks, which will make any kitchen look stylish.

When choosing a dish rack with a draining board, make sure to find a board with a sloped design that will direct the water into the sink, so the counter stays dry all the time.


Even though dish racks are one of the least expensive kitchen accessories, they still differ in material, capacity, and design so they come in various price ranges (from $15 to $70).

Of course, if you want to buy a high-quality dish rack, you have to spend a few extra bucks on it.

Nonetheless, you can still choose a quality dish rack that will function great without a need to spend a fortune on it. Which leads to the next section of this article and that is – our top picks. Below you’ll find just the perfect dish rack for your needs.

Top 10 Best Dish Drying Rack Reviews

10. Farberware 3-Piece Dish Rack Set

farberware 3 piece dish rack set review

If you want to buy a stylish dish rack, then this particular model from Farberware, could be just the perfect one for your kitchen. Whether you choose black or red, this dish rack will change the countertop’s look for the better. This model has a large capacity and comes with a handy utensils holder. A draining board is lifted to make drying faster. Non-slip feet ensure that the dish rack will stay in place, keeping the dishes safe and sound.

However, a slight issue is that, when using glass holders, the water will drip on the countertop instead on the drain board.

9. Surpahs WLDD-1512-03 Compact Dish Drying Rack and Dish Drainer

surpahs compact dish drying rack and dish drainer best review

This compact dish rack is a good choice for a small family. It can hold up to 11 full-size plates, and fits in most typical sinks or countertops. Thanks to a soft powder coated steel wire, the dishes won’t scratch when drying. Not only is the dish rack easy to clean, but it is also rust-proof.

However, a dish rack won’t drain all the water out which means that you’ll have to empty it regularly.

8. Home Basics 3-Piece Dish Drainer Set

home basics 3 piece dish drainer review

With a black vinyl-coated wire rack, this dish rack will add an elegant touch to the kitchen. Since it consists of 3 pieces, the dish rack is a breeze to clean and store. Measuring 19-inch by 12-inch by 5-inch, this model is a good choice for two people. Thanks to a cleverly designed moisture tray, the water will drain out with ease, and won’t leave any mess on the countertop or around the sink.

As for the downsides, the plate holder could be sturdier, since it won’t hold the plates totally upright after some time.

7. Saganizer wooden dish rack

saganizer wooden dish rack plate rack collapsible compact dish drying rack bamboo dish drainer review

For those who appreciates a warm look in the kitchen, there is this high-quality wooden dish rack. No doubt that it will make your kitchen eye-catching. It has enough space to keep plates and cups well-organized. Moreover, it’s foldable, so you won’t have any difficulty moving or storing it. Even though this dish rack is made of bamboo, it’s still easy to keep it clean. Plus, it won’t stain after months of use.

However, this model is a bit pricey.

6. Umbra Tub Dish Drying Rack

umbra tub dish drying rack review

This affordable dish rack comes in a variety of vivid colors, thus it’s a great choice if you want an attention-grabbing dish rack. A matte finish only adds up to the great looks. Made of BPA-free molded material, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your dishes. The model provides enough space for glasses, plates, and silverware.

However, the dish rack is complicated to clean, as it features numerous little compartments.

5. Vremi Dish Drying Rack

vremi dish drying rack review

This dish drying rack is a great choice if you live alone. It is sturdy, looks great and comes at a good price. Thanks to a folding collapsible design and BPA free plastic tines, there is a plenty of room to accommodate plates and glasses. There is also a utensil holder, so no need to worry about that. The dish rack is a real space-saver and its smart design allows for quick drying.

However, bowls and other larger dishes can’t be safely accommodated in this dish rack.

4. Simplehuman Compact Dish Rack

simplehuman compact dish rack review

This rust-proof dish rack is a good choice for a small kitchen. Its compact design is great for both in-sink and countertop use. Thanks to a spout and an elevated bottom, the dishes will dry swiftly. Also, a spout can rotate 360 degrees so that it can drain water from any direction. A soft coated steel wire will shield the dishes from scratching and chipping.

Even though the dish rack comes with a spout, the drainage system could have been improved, since the water still tends to accumulate.

3. Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel 2-Tier Dish Rack with Drainboard

neat o deluxe chrome plated steel 2 tier dish rack review

If you have a big family, this large-capacity dish rack might be just the thing you need. Made of Chrome plated steel, it will match perfectly with any décor, adding a modern touch to the kitchen. A 2-tier design is highly functional, as it allows you to organize the dishes just the way you want, taking up the same amount of space like a regular dish rack. Also, the dishes will dry quickly. A drain board comes with a drainage spot to drain the water out and help the counter look spotless.

As for the downside, stains are easy to notice since the drain board is black, so you’ll have to clean it very often.

2. Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Sink Dish Rack Drainer Set

rubbermaid antimicrobial sink dish rack drainer set review

This dish rack drainer set is an ideal choice for a single person, since it has everything a bachelor(ette) could need. A drainer and a drain board allow for easy organization of the dishes, providing good ventilation, so the dishes will dry quickly. Also, a drain board features a sloped design to direct and drain water into the sink, leaving the counter neat and dry. You also get a kitchen brush featuring a small head that can help you clean hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to antimicrobial protection, the dish rack will be free of bacteria.

However, the utensil holder doesn’t offer much room and the sponge rack doesn’t hold up well (from time to time it un-sticks).

1. OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack

oxo good grips convertible foldaway best dish drying rack review

Being one of the best dish drying racks on the market, with this model you just can’t go wrong. The OXO Foldaway Dish Rack is designed with functionality in mind. A Plate rack will hold the dishes upright so everything will be in a perfect order. Because of that, the dishes will be perfectly safe – no need to jumble them all on one another.

While utensil cups are removable, the plate rack, side walls, and spout are foldable. This is great when you need more space on the counter, or to make more room for larger dishes. Made of plastic, the drainer is sturdy and won’t rust.  Thanks to tines that will keep the dishes inside the rack, you won’t have to worry about the water dripping on the countertop.

A slight concern is that the water won’t drain completely. This means that you’ll have to drain the added water by yourself.

Considering what you get for the money, we believe that this model is an undisputable top choice for anyone looking for top notch performance dish racks.

Final Thoughts

Well, our work here is done. We wanted to make choosing a dish rack for you a whole lot easier, so we brought you these products. Now it is up to you to decide which one will suit your needs and means best.

All of the listed products are a good investment, so whichever one you opt for, you can’t go wrong. However, we do have our favorite dish drying rack and that is OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack. This model offers a large capacity, is foldable for easy storing and comes at a great price. Having a quality drainer at your home is a must, so why not buy this one that has everything a good dish rack should have.

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